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What platforms is Farsiders available on?

Farsiders will be released on PC. 

When is Farsiders coming out?

The release date of Farsiders is yet to be announced. Stay updated for more information on our social media channels!

What is Farsiders? What is the game about?

Farsiders is a hack-and-slash story-driven action RPG game inspired by mythical legends. Embark on a journey between past and present with a cyberpunk world mixed with a classical magic vibe. Join "Cassie", the newest member of Spectralon, as she sets out on an epic journey into the age of magic.

Where can I find more information about the game?

You can find information on the website, our Facebook page. 

Who developed Farsiders?

Please contact us at


How can I contact customer support?

Farsiders is being developed by Gambit Ghost Studio co.,ltd.

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