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Dev Blog #01

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We decided to create 'Dev Blogs' that would help players get latest update on the status and what has been going on for Farsiders. We will also update them on Discord so be sure to join the community!

Thailand Game Show 2022 Recap

Since Farsiders’ very first introduction to the general public – held at the recent Thailand Game Show 2022 in Bangkok – we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from both players and peer developers. For those that missed it, we took a very thin slice of the game and recreated a special boss fight event with a time attack tracker specially for the participants at the convention. They had the chance to compete for first place (whoever defeats the boss the fastest) and win our original “Cassie” figurine. Fortunately for those who had participated but did not make it to the top, were all invited to Farsiders official discord channel and furthermore, to test Farsiders in the upcoming Alpha test. (See more detail below).

In this special TGS build, our purpose was to showcase the game’s premise, graphics, and battle mechanics. We implemented 3 fixed spells for the players to enjoy in addition to the 2 weapons for participants to have the same common ground, meaning it’s purely up to their gaming skills.

Congratulations to Bello, our event winner!


Farsiders’ primary combat mechanic can be dissected into 2 parts, conceptually and mechanically. Cassie – Farsiders main protagonist – comes from the great futuristic city of Ostahl in which her arsenal of weapons features the most advanced technology that allows her to switch between different attachments to perform a variety of attacks which gives her the edge over her foes. On top of that, Cassie can, from time to time, alternate between her melee cybernetic saber to her long range weaponry.

On the other hand, the spells. Cassie is able to use ancient spells through spell cards obtained through exploration in the old world of Tellune. Spells provide Cassie with a wider range of combat tactics and strategy that allows the player to hatch a playstyle of their own through the various elements.

The World

Some of you may have already known about the premise of Farsiders. Set in the future year 2085, the player plays as Cassie as she travels back in time coincidentally to the fantasy Arthurian era of medieval magic. Our primary focus lies heavily on ‘the past’ side rather than the future side of the game. The team is trying to refine and eventually perfect the environment in day time first before moving to the night time environment in which future worlds are mainly set in, in contrast to the old. Here are some sneak peek of the concept art of what’s to come in the Alpha build.

What to expect?

The core game mechanics have mostly been implemented in the current version of the game, i.e. Spell cards, and combat. For the game world, we are pushing and polishing our game’s 3D level and prepping for the Alpha build.

In addition to the combat information above, the team is working hard on adding more spell cards to make the combat feel even more unique. At the same time, we are constantly balancing the game to create a perfect combat environment. However, you guys (the alpha testers) will also play an extremely important role in this matter when we launch our closed alpha testing.

We are wrapping up the entire story dialogues and scripts and are now working on multiple story cutscenes. On the other hand, our 3D environment is almost at the last stage of production.

We have completed 4 different regions including Camelot, Soulscreek, Frozen Plains, and Duskmire for the old world side and are now finalizing the final scene.

In the meantime, you can visit and join us at:

Lastly, we Gambit Ghost Studio team, would like to sincerely extend our gratitude for the warm support we have been getting in the past few months. We will work our hardest on Farsiders to provide you with the best. Happy new year and see you in 2023!



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